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Tubular plate Gel batteries power a winning renewable energy project

Airport recognised as a ‘Game Changer’


Brantford, Ontario, known to hockey fans as the hometown of “The Great One” Wayne Gretsky, now has a new claim to fame. The Brantford Airport has pulled a hat trick of their own, a cost-effective, environmentally sound, reliable approach to providing power in remote areas.

The Canadian Solar Industries Association has presented the Game Changer award for solar PV project of the year to The Brantford Airport for their 100% off-grid aircraft maintenance facility.

Canadian Energy, Legacy Building Solutions, and Solar Ship Inc. cooperated in a joint venture to create a pre-engineered building with built-in power in this remote location. The Airport claims to have built the first 100% off-grid airport maintenance hangar in the world.

Solar powered hangars are only the beginning


The maintenance hangar has an integrated photovoltaic system capable of producing 50 kW of power. It covers the 40,000 square foot roof and is equipped with load-shifting batteries, and a power control system that allows the facility to operate 100% off the grid. The system has a diesel generator back-up in case of system failure or unusually short sunlight hours during the Canadian winter.

The modular integrated design provides a prototype for other pre-fabricated buildings. It proves that built-in photovoltaic systems can easily be deployed in remote communities where reliable power distribution is an issue. The project is delivering power for less than 50 Canadian cents per kWh.

The airport’s system combines an inverter with Gel battery technology to manage energy flow from the solar photovoltaic array, store the energy, and distribute it to meet demand loads in the building. The hybrid configuration of the inverter allows the solar and diesel powered generator to operate together seamlessly if necessary.

Tubular plate Gel batteries provide solution


The selected batteries have tubular plates for reliable performance in low temperatures and are resistant to passive discharge. Tubular plates also support high charge rates meaning the energy on sunny days can be stored without loss, while the photovoltaic system delivers peak power. Tubular plate Gel batteries are ideal for demanding deep-cycling applications. They can be sealed with special pressure valves that render them completely maintenance free for no-fuss operation.

The ETGB – a game changer in its own right


SEC has a game changer of our own. The new CELLYTE 12 ETGB battery is a tubular plate Gel monobloc with several innovations that make it an ideal choice for remote off-grid applications where ruggedness and reliability are crucial.

As renewable energy use expands, we look forward to seeing more innovative approaches to serving remote facilities and isolated communities. We are excited to be part of the bright future of renewable energy. Check out our Partner Grid Programme to discover how you can join us in solving the world’s energy problems.


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