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SEC launch a new, market-leading website

The journey to establishing SEC as a premier industry resource for industrial batteries, energy storage, solar power and renewable energy solutions has moved forward in leaps and bounds this week with the launch of our new website.

We’re pleased to have created a state of the art, information-based website to communicate clearly with customers, partners and industry leaders on the ever evolving issue of energy security.

Over the past four decades, SEC Industrial Battery Company has developed market leading, expert knowledge on energy storage and energy generation techniques across a wide range of industries. We’re thrilled be able to share this more freely with you in this valuable new resource.

Clear cut communications


During our time in the industry we’ve come to understand that clear communication is just as important as innovation and dedication to quality. It’s at the heart of what we hope to achieve in the sector – and with this new website, we believe we’ve taken a huge step forward.

Inside the site you can see imagery, specs and back up information on every product in our range. Including our five new products! You’ll have access to the benefits and suited applications for each product, full data specifications, plus educational videos and even product recommendations if we think something may suit you better.

Our new, more specific product sections mean the site now offers even more ease of use for all customers. Users can interact with SEC market experts, read up on industry news and view our huge range of renewable energy and industrial battery technologies.

Specific market segmentation


SEC partners and customers come from a variety of industries. We supply energy storage solutions for almost every application, ranging from those in the marine and medical environments, to those in industrial standby or oil and gas.

This is why segmenting our product range by market and further by application was such a priority. After many years in the industry we’ve got a wealth of knowledge to share, and we’re pleased to be able to provide you with more specific advice and information than ever before.

Simply head to the website and search using your market or application name then follow the links for detailed information, product recommendations and advice from experts. In the coming weeks, market brochures will also be available for download.

Video and social interaction


While an advanced web presence is paramount to building existing relationships, it’s also the starting point of communication between SEC and our future clients.
With our key goals to establish new customers, form new partnerships and build brand recognition we knew we had to pull out all the stops.

Firstly, we’ve engineered the site to function more fluidly across mobile, tablet, and PC. Visitors can easily access the products and data with multiple devices and in any location.

Our widespread use of video as a medium is just beginning, we are currently filming all over the globe, gathering expert information and reviewing products to bring you the realities of energy storage in action.

Social media has also become more of a focus and we’re operating four platforms with streams of relevant, helpful information for those in the industry. Last but not least, the SEC newsroom continues to grow. We are featuring regular articles on technology, market developments, public policy, the history of SEC Industrial Battery Company and even finance.

VIP acess to be granted for partners


The good news doesn’t stop here. This website is just the first phase of e-developments that over the coming months will see even more functionality introduced.

We have custom-designed a communication portal for our clients and partners to ensure they get the best support before, during and after the manufacturing process. The portal will include online order tracking and quoting, and allow customers to speak with us as they observe the manufacturing and shipping process.

We’re also aware of wider global opportunities and will be launching the new site in range of languages to meet the needs of our partners, sales teams and clients in Europe and Asia.

So take a look at the new and improved SEC website today and find a solution from the market expert on energy storage, industrial batteries and solar solutions.

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