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We offer the widest range of industrial battery, solar and hybrid energy storage solutions       

Affordable, reliable, clean energy

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  • Alarm systems
  • Alternative energy storage
  • Ancillary services
  • Boats / Marine
  • Cathodic protection
  • Cell sites
  • Cellular radio
  • Clean energy
  • Computer
  • Control systems
  • Cycling service
  • Deep cycle
  • Distribution grid
  • Electric vehicle
  • Electronic torch
  • Emergency
  • Emergency lighting
  • Energy storage
  • Engine starting
  • Fans
  • Fire & security systems
  • Float service
  • Floor cleaning machines
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Generator start
  • Genset
  • Golf caddy
  • Grid services
  • Hybrid telecom
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Hydro-electric
  • Industrial standby
  • Industrial storage
  • Leisure
  • Lift platforms
  • Locomotive
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Medical equipment
  • Mobile kids toys
  • Mobility
  • Motive
  • Navigational aids
  • Off-shore equipment
  • Oil and gas
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Onboard ship equipment
  • Photovoltaic
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Portable
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Portable VTR/TV
  • Power
  • Power and substations
  • Power distribution
  • Power plant
  • Power stations
  • Power tools
  • Power transmission
  • Process control
  • PV
  • Radio base station
  • Railroad utility
  • Railway / Trains
  • Railway signalling
  • Renewable firming
  • Renewables
  • Reserve power
  • Rolling stock
  • Security System
  • Semi-traction
  • ship
  • Solar
  • solar modules
  • solar panels
  • Solar power
  • Standby power
  • Switchgear
  • Switching Stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Toys
  • Traction battery
  • Train lighting
  • Transmission switching
  • Uninterruptible power systems
  • UPS
  • Water pumping
  • Wheelchair
  • Wind
  • Window washer
Alternative energy storage
Boats / Marine
Energy storage
Railway / Trains

Partner with SEC

SEC partners are not restricted to one chemistry or application. We supply everything you need from Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion industrial batteries, to the latest solar modules.

So whether you’re in telecom, UPS, marine or even large scale renewables, there are SEC partnerships to suit your business.

Partner with SEC

Become an agent, a distributor or a reseller with SEC and start generating maximum profit. Your commitment, our commercials and the SEC Partner Grid networks and systems make growth inevitable.

The SEC Partner Grid's networks and systems make growth inevitable

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Moving wisely into the new energy era

The clean energy boom has caused phenomenal growth in the renewables sector and SEC is more than ready to meet demand.

With thirty ranges of classic industrial batteries on top of our solar generation and storage solutions, there isn’t a market we don’t cover.

Partner with SEC

SEC is a leader in the telecom, marine, industrial standby and UPS markets as well as the renewable energy and solar sector.

Yes, the market change has prompted us to enhance our renewables product offering, but we are continually improving the quality of all of the batteries we sell, for every application.

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SEC’s industrial battery portfolio is all encompassing. With 2 volt and 12 volt cells in AGM and Gel Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries, as well as Flooded, Tubular Plate, Flat Plate and Nickel Cadmium batteries.