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In the changing energy climate SEC follows two guiding principles...

Constant innovation and an unshakeable dedication to quality

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It's time to enter the new energy era

The energy industry is experiencing phenomonal growth. In response SEC has enhanced our strategy, expanded our business thinking and upgraded our product offerings.

Innovation excites us but we also know that our legacy products are working hard in the marine, UPS and Telecom sectors to name a few.

So, we are not just maintaining but continually improving the quality of all of the batteries and solar products we sell, for every application.

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For the first time in history, the levelised cost of renewable energy is lower than the cost of grid power. Astounding opportunities have arisen, and the time to act is now.

Investments in renewable energy continue to soar, more than doubling those in fossil fuels, despite government fuel subsidies and tumbling prices.

Within a decade, a large percentage of the world’s electricity will be sourced from renewable energy. How will you be involved?

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