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New SEC website brings avalanche of change

After almost 40 years of experience in the energy storage industry, we’ve decided it’s time to make some changes to the way we do things. We wanted to share the screeds of knowledge we’ve picked up over the years and make it easier for you to stay connected. So the central piece to SEC’s extensive rebrand is a stunning new website – which we believe deserves an introduction all of its own.

The task of creating a state of the art information based website was the first step in our vision to establish SEC as the premier resource for products and knowledge in the realm of industrial batteries, energy storage, and renewable energy solutions. Most importantly, we knew the resource needed to be accessible to everyone! Not just scientists and solar power experts.

We’ve done this because the decline in energy resources, and the continued pollution of the world through fossil fuel consumption, have become front line issues. The search for ways to effectively produce and store renewable energy is no longer a problem just facing industry players and scientists, it’s relevant to us all – as citizens in a world that cannot go on with the current levels of C02 emission.


If you’re wondering how the SEC website has changed, the word that comes to mind is completely. To begin with, we’ve made the industrial purchasing of batteries and energy storage a simple, easy process to navigate. The development team researched and understood our customer base to focus on creating a flexible and adaptive experience. The site allows visitors to easily access the products and data across multiple devices and platforms. Whether you have a desktop computer, Smartphone, or tablet, you’ll be able to access and view the various product offerings by SEC with our new sorting feature.

You can see specs, imagery and back up information on every product in our range. This includes the benefits, applications and full research documentation. Customers will have the opportunity to download technical data sheets, secure certification information and send inquiries to SEC’s engineers and sales agents. Plus there will be product recommendations in case we think we have something that would suit you better.

We’ve done it by ensuring you’ve got the latest and best graphics and information, plus a design layout that’s influenced by user experience rather than warehousing stock systems. We needed the website to become a starting point for communication between SEC, our clients and the best industry experts. The site now offers ease of use, simplicity and accessibility. It features multiple sections that allow users to engage, interact and educate themselves regarding products, renewable technologies and industry practices.

With the exciting new features, and the quality user experience, it’s our mission to ensure the SEC website leaves a positive first impression with newcomers to the subject and becomes the ultimate resource for information about renewable energy, batteries and the science of sustainability.


In an industry that’s set to revolutionise energy use across the globe, staying up to date is perhaps the most important factor for our business and every stakeholder we work with. Knowledge has been the key to our progress over the years, which is why we’re providing you with a specialised section of the website called the Newsroom. As industry oldtimers we’ve got a lot of knowledge to share, but we’re also implementing a content sharing campaign in order to become the ultimate information hub for renewable technologies and industrial batteries.

We’ll convene with industry experts and publish discussion provoking articles to cultivate thought leadership throughout the energy industry.

The Newsroom will also be the ultimate place for transparency. Employees, visitors, partners and customers will be able to get a first hand and open look at what we’re up to. We invite you to discuss strategy, review policy agendas and get a behind the scenes look at what’s happening at SEC Battery.

The newsroom has four channels to provide for all tastes – with articles in areas such as technology, market developments, public policy, the history of the company and finance. In this section of the site, the company aims to deliver a better understanding of renewable energy sciences using education and publications as well as easy to read and interesting snippets.

We invite you to participate in these conversations, contribute and share our articles far and wide. Knowledge is for sharing and when it comes to the future of the planet, we’re happy to give it out free of charge. The following sections of this article detail the four different channels of content we are offering. We encourage you to register early for our newsletter and email updates here.


In this section, solar energy enthusiasts can study and learn from real life examples. The website facilitates our dedication to expanding new partnerships, building relationships, and recognizing client achievements in order to take the business, services, technologies and education we provide to new market heights.

Our aim is to boost public awareness of the contributions and successes made by our clients. With the Client Spotlight section, we aim to not only encourage but also shine a light on the professionals that are delivering results. Client Spotlight will feature client testimonials, include their business profile and include case studies, providing an in-depth and educational look at the challenges, successes and the future in the industry.

You’ll have a transparent look at the partnerships we create. We want you to understand where technology is advancing, get an inside look at industry growth and job opportunities, and gain extended educational awareness of the energy industry.


From multinational companies to start-ups, the energy industry as a whole is trying to unlock the key to a sustainable energy future. Part of that solution is staying aware of the latest news and information on advanced technologies, and up to date on the science of renewable opportunities. With the Industry Watch section of the new SEC site, we aim to gain the loyalty of researchers, students, industry experts, educators and government agencies by providing the best in-depth articles, news and research on the latest technologies being developed for renewable energy. SEC Plans to be the leading source of technology news about sustainability, tools and resources to aid civilization and utilize the earth’s natural resources in an effective and efficient way.


SEC not only aims to become one of the most popular educational resources for science and renewable energy news, but also, to build and grow as a company. We don’t just want to publish and distribute educational research and news, the company also wants to make news. Hence, the “SEC in the News” section of the site, will feature press releases, company news, quarterly statements and other information that will provide an in-depth look into the successes of the company. Additionally, new technologies, products, and services will be showcased. Users will be able to easily access SEC Battery information whether they are at home or on the go.


The SEC Group was founded in 1977 and is a leader in the energy storage industry with corporate facilities across the world. But as SEC Battery reflects on modern times, and the evolution of technology, we can’t help looking back to where it began. With real people, solving real energy problems.
Hence th ‘Blogs from the Board’ section of the newsroom. We want to tell you the story of the formation of our company and show you who we are as a team. SEC battery remains a family run business and in this section, you’ll be hearing first hand from the Harper family and other members of our board. We feel a passion for this industry that’s kept us in the game for going on forty years, we can’t wait to show you why.


One of the key goals for the future of SEC Battery is to establish new customers, continue building relationships with existing customers, form new partnerships and build brand recognition. With this new amazing website, the goal is to build trust of the customers, generate new clients and become the ultimate resource for sustainable energy solutions and industrial batteries.

SEC aims to be the information hub for renewable technology and industrial batteries. By being at the forefront of providing quality scientific research, technology news and renewable energy studies, we shall cultivate the ties between technology and people. We’d like to welcome you to the new SEC, find out more about our plans for change here. And click the banner below to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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