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Our new platinum partners: solar power Indonesia


The team at SEC are thrilled to announce the appointment of our first Platinum Partner in Indonesia: PT. Solar Power Indonesia or (SPI) and we couldn’t have found a more compatible partnership!

Solar Power Indonesia started its operations in 2007 on the island of Bali and since then have designed, supplied, and installed renewable technology solutions right across the Indonesian Archipelago. Their first class workmanship and top flight standards go hand in hand with the SEC’s brand values of quality and reliability and we share many common goals for the territory.

SPI is one of the first companies to sign up to SEC’s newly launched Partner Program. In short, the program enables our partners to sell our world-class energy storage products while we build efficient processes to make their business easier. Already, the scheme is receiving unprecedented attention. The combination of rewards and response time plus the world-class sales, marketing, training, and technical support that SEC offers has garnered attention from companies across the industry.

The partner program offers differing levels of participation depending on the variety of goals our partner companies have. Solar Power Indonesia have their sights set firmly on a very busy future. As our Elite Platinum Partners they will be holding a large quantity of regional stock and will also act as a distributors and suppliers to many agents across the region. SEC are totally committed to supporting the partnership and will invest heavily in this collaborative advance on the Indonesian renewable energy markets.


SEC has been consistently impressed with how Solar Power Indonesia operates. Their setup is extremely professional and the management have done a magnificent job of streamlining their operations. The due diligence they’ve done to deliver power solutions that are safe, reliable and of a standard that is rarely seen in Asia was also a comforting discovery.

The combination of SPI’s extensive product knowledge and market expertise with the latest technologies in SEC’s product portfolio made us an obvious match. We’re pleased to cement a partnership that will truly satisfy end consumers energy requirements. Whether you are looking to reduce your electricity bill or secure complete energy independence from the unreliable grid, the synergy between us now makes it possible. With a plethora of in demand energy solutions available, the partnership’s future looks very bright indeed.

Market research has been a catalyst to their success. Just eight short years after its inception, SPI has taken a market leading position by offering targeted and specific solutions that are delivered by their highly accredited locally trained engineering teams.

A deep knowledge of its market led the company to provide economical and affordable renewable energy solutions for remote communities, villas, resorts, airports and hotels all over South East Asia. This was achieved by combining market leading energy efficient products with solar panels, a technology we specialise in.


Both SPI and SEC have a passion for what we do. SPI is lead by John Nicholas who himself has lived off grid for more than 16 years now and is all about practising what he preaches. SEC’s CEO, Heston Harper agrees, saying it’s the key to having a successful business because you can never go wrong with what you are passionate about. Both partners have a vested interest in renewable technologies and because of this, have been able to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and information to the table in order to light up Indonesia.

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