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The race for telecom battery manufacturing dominance

Asia-based battery producers set to profit


With the global market for energy storage in the telecom sector expected to grow 10.7% in 2017, it will be interesting to see which country can produce Telecom batteries for the most competitive rate and take hold of this sector.

It’s rumoured that nationalism could render the industry unrewarding for some with several big contenders looking to dominate the energy storage manufacturing market. As technology manufacturing powerhouses, Korea, Japan, China and now Indonesia are poised to take a sizeable portion of market shares and are favourites with many providers.

While some may criticise the quality of batteries coming out of Asia, a recent market report argues that such a claim is baseless. Quality is defined by manufacturing standards in individual facilities rather then geographical location.


Well-managed companies take the lead


The consensus is that rewards are high for any well-managed battery production firm. McKinsey & Company, a local management consulting institute recently released a report with guidelines for battery manufacturers looking to stay ahead of the game.

SEC is pleased to be able to already lay claim to the practices below. Our unique manufacturing process involves sourcing international components and assembling them in Asia. This allows us to sell industry leading quality at reasonable prices to our customers


McKinsey’s report says the key to success is something SEC is already very fluent in. Utilising masses of data to identify and prioritise customers to whom energy storage is profitable. We know success requires creative and entrepreneurial ways of using research and marketing data to target and provide customers with what they need.


In addition, the report suggests that companies which uses multiple technologies as part of their strategy will be protected against sharp fluctuations in prices. As producers of Lithium-Ion, Ni-Cd and Lead Acid and Lead Carbon ranges, we’re pleased to be able to take advantage of this.


They also suggest that healthy profit margins are likely to come to those companies that successfully utilise battery load-profile data. The needs-specific characteristics of individual consumers require companies to take a tailored approach, something that SEC is doing with its segmentation of products by market and application.

Data use

To extract the greatest value, companies are encouraged to build strong customer relationships in order to access relevant data and provide the most economical solutions amongst the ever-changing regulations and technological advancements. This is something SEC is proud to excel at. Our ‘state of the art’ website and cloud-based order tracking process puts our customers in the driver’s seat, and allows us to gather the information we need to serve them better.

The future of battery manufacturing is bright!


It’s clear that the large-scale deployment of energy storage solutions will eventually overturn business for many electricity markets. Rapidly declining costs mean that energy storage will begin to provide more power to the grid and displace traditional sources of energy. With numerous countries poised to seize a portion of the booming industry, these findings could be imperative for those hoping to stay ahead of the game.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with SEC Industrial Battery Company if you’re in need of industrial batteries or energy storage solutions. As an experienced battery manufacturer we already fulfil the MicKinsey report’s recommendations for quality products.



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