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Golf cart batteries for solar systems?

We’ve recently become aware that some battery buyers have been duped by the easy availability and low cost of generic golf cart batteries, so here’s a quick run-down on their benefits and limitations.

At SEC Industrial battery company we recommend that you choose energy storage products which are specific to the application you’re powering.

Yes, golf cart batteries are durable but…


Golf cart batteries are being touted in the media as extremely versatile and even suitable for powering off-grid homes and cabins. While this isn’t the route we’d recommend for going off-grid, golf cart batteries do have their strengths.

Due to their thick plates, the 6-Volt or 12-Volt batteries typically used for golf carts are quite durable, they can experience long periods of deep-discharge and recharge with less effect on lifespan.

A first-time battery buyer may be tempted by these deep-cycle batteries, which are readily available at department stores and some warehouses for a very low cost. But, while they certainly have their place (think: powering golf carts) they are typically not suited to medium or high load applications like residential or commercial solar systems.

High load applications need more power


If you’re looking for a battery that will last and that can handle higher load applications, we’d advise you to search out a specific product from a specialist battery manufacturer, or speak to one of our experts for advice. They’ll help you to find the perfect battery for your needs.

SEC currently serves 12 different markets which means we have batteries for almost every application. You’re sure to find “the one” that fits your needs and cost requirements amongst our wide range of solutions.

Your options for setting up a solar system


If you’re looking for deep-cycle batteries to power your home, offset costs in your business network, or to go off-grid entirely, consider the Cellyte ETGB. It’s the latest in the SEC Renewables range and our highest cycling battery yet.

The ETGB is fitted with SEC’s market-leading CatVent catalyst technology. This recombines the hydrogen and oxygen gases during the charging cycle and allows for use in higher temperatures while providing an increased service life.

The Microlyte ML is a Lithium battery that possesses notable power density with an extended cycle life for low lifetime cost. It can be used for a range of applications such as alternative energy storage, cycling service, reserve power and standby power.

Its performance-indicating Bluetooth TM  technology measures charge life in a single swipe, which makes a battery like the ML unbeatable for busy people requiring low maintenance products

Choosing the wrong battery has costs.


Effective energy management – and its long-term, cost-saving benefits –  requires choosing products that are needs-specific and reliable with proven results.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for advice on batteries, solar panels and even complete energy generation and storage systems.

The batteries we mention above are just two of the many solar-suited batteries we offer. So before you pop down to the department store, take a look at our website – it may well be best to leave the golf cart batteries for the golf carts.

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