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Sweden bids to become the first fossil fuel free nation

With a 2016 budget of $546 million (4.5 billion kronor), the Swedish government has declared its goal to become the first country in the world functioning 100% independently from fossil fuel energy sources.

Their investment will be directed towards renewable energy solutions like smart grids, energy storage technology, an electric bus fleet and more. Residential renovations will begin to make buildings more energy efficient, and the government has plans to offer subsidies for green cars.

A Remarkably Achievable Goal

It may be ambitious, but it’s not an unrealistic goal. The country is already an established energy leader with a wide range of climate adaption strategies. Recently, Collective Evolution reported that Sweden already sources two thirds of their power from non fossil fuel operations. This gives them one of the smallest environmental footprints of any nation on the planet, and a real chance at becoming the first country to go ‘nuclear free’ in Europe.

The concept is being championed by CNFE – Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe is a network of cities and leaders throughout Europe. It was formed as a response to the Fukushima disaster and aims to address the risks and costs those power plants present

Global Investments Being Redirected

While Europe is becoming a leader, investment in the green and renewable energy markets is a trending topic in every corner of the globe. Even UBS bank has begun advising their corporate and institutional clients to join the movement towards clean energy. Their analysts predict widespread adaption of green energy products and rising industry sector profit in the coming decade.

UBS’s announcement, as the world’s largest bank, has been a powerful catalyst, tipping both the investment strategies and the fortunes of forward thinking corporations, environmentalists and governments across the world.

In fact, the bank’s prediction that we will see the total extinction of power plants in Europe over the next 10 to 20 years; has resulted in trillions of global dollars of investment being redirected towards renewable energy. Funds are being routed away from old ways of thinking to support new ways of living and ultimately, the future of the planet.

SEC Supports Worldwide Demand For Energy Storage

As energy storage specialists, SEC is well ahead of this curve. We’re currently satisfying the increasing demand of our corporate, industrial and community-based customers for a range of different energy storage products. And, we’re pledging our support to social initiatives to bring the same type of change to the rest of the world.

Encouragingly, though Sweden is leading the renewable energy charge, they’re also openly issuing invitations to other countries to join the discussions. An official statement from one of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s key advisors at the end of September illustrates an inclusive attitude that SEC both applauds and shares.

“2015 is our opportunity, a chance to, in dialogue with all the countries of the world, change course towards a new development path where we can succeed in generating welfare for all, not at the planet’s cost but in cooperation with it.” – Johan Rockström

Renewable Energy A Catalyst To Real Climate Change

Discussion on climate change is likely to come to a peak this year with the UN talks currently happening in Bonn and the Climate Change Crunch in November. Held in Paris, nations will gather to discuss policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The existing UN agreements expire in 2020, so this important summit will define future commitments to reduce the effects of global warming.

Co-operation with planet is one of our core values and it is the driving force behind our continued research, the strategic partnerships we form and the products we offer.

SEC is supporting Sweden to become one of the first fossil free nations in the globe and we’re pleased to report that they’re quickly being joined by other nations. Hawaii has also recently pledged to source 100% of their energy from renewable power operations. We predict they will be the first US state to do so – and once that happens the race will be on.

SEC has been in solar power since the 1970’s and we’re proud to be able to offer our customers both solar and energy storage solutions that will not only reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, but also provide exceptional return on investment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or to assess your options if you wish to join these countries in a bid for climate change.








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