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SEC first industrial battery company to achieve coveted ISO 9001-2015 certification

Proud to be leading the industry


SEC is pleased to announce that the prestigious Germany-based TUV SUD quality certification institute has awarded SEC’s Corporate Headquarters in Hong Kong the ISO 9001-2105 certification. This award makes SEC the first industrial battery company to be certified as ISO 9001-2015 compliant and we’re thrilled to receive the recognition.

 “ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. It helps businesses and organisations to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.”

The standard is based on testable adherence to seven principles: customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management.

SEC’s CEO, Heston Harper says; “ISO 9001 is a set of best practices to achieve continual improvement. Rather like Sisyphus in the Greek myth, an ISO certified company is committed to pushing uphill continuously, with the notable difference that Sisyphus’ rock always rolled back down. In contrast, although an ISO certified company’s work is never done, the incremental improvements they make are lasting.”

Customer focus


For SEC, this principle is manifested in our design process. Our revolutionary batteries are developed with the particular needs of our customers in mind, with diverse models for diverse applications: 26 product lines and over 1,000 products, each developed to meet specific customer needs.



Internally, we take the time to establish clear goals and communicate them between teams. Then we make sure that there are no impediments to the pursuit of these goals so that our teams can work together efficiently towards a clear common purpose; manufacturing the best batteries at the best price.

Engagement of people


Our leaders take the time to listen to team members and make sure everyone is empowered to confidently pursue our goals and that employees at all levels are heard by management. We support our team members’ professional development and creative drive to allow them to realise their full potential in contributing to our goal of serving the customer by creating great products that serve specific needs.

Process approach


Our leadership takes a wide view of activities within and among teams as inter-related processes and define those processes to create a coherent system that so that all efforts align. We review our resources, controls, and interactions to ensure that they are efficient while protecting our high standards of quality.

Authority and responsibility are clearly defined to ensure our teams understand who is leading and how accountability is defined and how results are measured. Process oriented leadership allows us to recognise and minimise risk in designing and manufacturing our product to ensure safety, reliability and quality for customers who choose our batteries.

Evidenced-based decision making


For us, measuring our product performance, assessing results based on data, and taking action is a natural habit. From testing batteries to testing processes – an easy and logical step that helps us serve our customers better and develop new solutions faster.

A vital part of our continued drive for quality has been the migration of all of our processes to a state of the art cloud system. This links the entire enterprise, allowing global offices and international partners to communicate flawlessly.



Improvement is our wheelhouse. SEC is regularly out in front of our competitors. We were the first to introduce the vented catalyst for monobloc Lead Acid batteries, increasing battery life, decreasing float charge requirements, and reducing the risk of thermal runaway. Since then we have refined and diversified our catalyst designs to optimise a wide range of purpose built batteries.

More recently, we have introduced a revolutionary compact Lithium-Ion battery that uses nano-technology to pack maximum power into minimum space. We constantly strive to improve our NiCad, Lead Acid, Lead Carbon or Lithium battery performance across a variety of parameters for different applications.

And it is not just technological improvement we are committed to. We also continue to refine our quality control systems, manufacturing and management processes to produce the best batteries at the lowest possible price.

Relationship management


Our new Partner Grid program is currently the zenith of our ongoing drive to continuously improve relationship management. Listening to our partners and meeting their needs with training programs, marketing support, lead generation and pricing incentives is allowing us to reach more end users with our revolutionary premium quality products. While also empowering our partners to maximise market share and profits.

Please contact us today to join our Partner Grid program and see what our ISO 9001-compliant approach to industrial battery design and manufacturing can do to enhance the success of your business.



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