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We store the power you need to extract energy

SEC industrial batteries provide rugged power you can rely on in harsh and demanding conditions

Keep oil and gas projects flowing with dependable energy storage

Oil and gas extraction provides an immense supply of power that is crucial to our global energy mix. But the processing and exploration required to extract these resources requires an enormous source of on-demand energy.


The demanding environments where these operations occur may not always have access to electricity. To enable consistency, both grid and backup stored power are vital. The need for selecting a hardworking Ni-Cd battery that can withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures is paramount.

A single battery that fails to deliver power in a critical application can cause a bottleneck that stalls a huge operation and imposes immense costs. A poorly designed or manufactured Ni-Cd battery can also trigger health and safety issues.


Safety is crucial when working around oil and gas. But using a heavy duty Lead Acid, Lithium or Ni-Cd battery with world-class design, manufacture and construction is of ultimate importance to reduce the risk of accidental fire or explosion.

SEC makes all-condition batteries for exploration, extraction, and refinement.

Constantly innovating, we strive to minimise maintenance requirements, improve ruggedness and widen the temperature operation range of our deep- cycle, AGM, VRLA, flooded, Ni-Cd and Gel batteries.

Discover our advanced Ni-Cd and Lithium battery ranges and the ten other series we recommended for oil and gas applications by clicking below.

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