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The ultimate in lifeline power storage for the medical industry

SEC industrial batteries provide reliable power when failure is not an option

Batteries you can depend on when lives are at risk

Workers in the medical field – and the patients that they care for – depend on a consistent supply of power. For hospital managers that means securing reliable energy storage both on-site, to provide backup during unexpected circumstances, and in emergency vehicle equipment for remote medical services.


The batteries that power electrical equipment and provide back-up power in hospitals are likely the most important ones we sell. When lives are at risk, batteries that usually work are not adequate. SEC understands that the medical services sector requires batteries that will always work.

Energy storage needs in the medical field are diverse and often require complex solutions. From portable medical devices to emergency lighting and data center back-up power – requirements vary greatly.


We are the one company that both understands and can meet the diverse needs of the medical industry. SEC Battery are the trusted source of medical energy storage equipment for top industry professionals and buying agents.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing special purpose deep-cycle, AGM, VRLA, flooded, Lithium and Gel batteries for nearly forty years.

We’re constantly innovating to improve operational safety and battery life, and reduce float charge requirements.

Discover our revolutionary MICROLYTE Lithium-Ion batteries or view our entire medical industry battery range by clicking below.

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