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Get traction in the motive and leisure market

High powered industrial batteries for motive applications

Choose SEC batteries for affordable, rugged motive power

More and more industrial markets are switching from fossil fuels to electric or hybrid technology. These days, motive power customers don’t just need starter batteries; they need deep-cycle batteries for quick and consistent energy access.


Whether you require batteries for a golf cart or an enormous crane, your customers need a dependable solution at a good price. Our specialist industry knowledge will ensure you make the correct choice.

Traction power applications require vibration and shock resistance. Leisure applications like golfing need long-lasting, consistent pulling power, while industrial machinery needs to be able to respond quickly with a massive output.


Consistent operation in a wide range of temperatures is also important for remote users. Regardless of type, your motive power application needs the ability to deliver full power, and crucially, to continue to function reliably after many partial discharge cycles.

We’re committed to meeting the special demands of traction power users. SEC’s deep-cycle batteries are rugged, high-powered and effective over a wide temperature range.

Our new Lithium-Ion and Gel batteries have just been released with patented technology, making them ideal for the motive sector.

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