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Energy security for remote grid operators across the globe

Deep-cycle batteries ensure a stable, consistent power supply and manage the costs of expanding demand

Serve growing market needs without new construction

Renewable energy sources and remote grids account for an increasingly large share of the power supply. But these resources can be intermittent and liable to fluctuate in voltage.


Providing reliable power from deep-cycle batteries rather than directly from renewable energy generators will eliminate this fluctuation. Increasing storage capacity allows transmission grid operators to deliver renewable energy when it is needed without regard for when it is generated.

Deep-cycle and solar batteries can help conventional power suppliers and remote grid operators in a number of mutually beneficial ways. Remote grid operators can avoid the costs of having to build new capacity by storing the excess generated power for use in times of deficit.


Distribution grid operators can purchase the power stored downstream of bottlenecks to smooth peaks and defer their own need for capacity expansion.

SEC understands the special needs of large-capacity energy storage.

By introducing vented catalysts to our 2 Volt Gel and AGM batteries, we were the first battery manufacturers to increase life and decrease float charge requirements.

The innovation continues with new high-capacity designs, manufactured to meet European ISO standards.

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