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When the lights go out, SEC batteries shine

Dependable emergency power is critical, long-lasting batteries are the answer

Guarantee safety with reliable, affordable batteries

Reliable emergency lighting is critical to meeting health and safety standards. When the power goes out, the lights need to stay on – and if you’ve chosen the right battery, they will.


SEC are globally renowned battery manufacturers. We make long-lasting Lithium-Ion, VRLA and AGM batteries that are vibration and shock resistant. Our batteries are suited to emergency vehicles and safety equipment. They’re batteries you can stake your life on.

If your main power source is consistent, your backup emergency system can go for a long time without use. But with good maintenance, you can count on SEC’s emergency Lithium-Ion and AGM batteries to deliver power, even after months or years of laying dormant.


Our emergency batteries are designed to minimise float current requirements. This means it’s affordable to keep them topped off and ready for use when the going gets rough. Our low-maintenance designs also reduce service cost requirements.

SEC has always been committed to innovation. Whether it’s to minimise maintenance requirements and extend operating temperature range, or improve charging speed and capacity.

Choose a power supply you can trust in critical applications. Our new MICROLYTE Lithium-Ion batteries pack maximum power into a small package. Or, discover our popular TLA and TUA ranges for mission critical standby applications.

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