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Al Emadi Solar & SEC connect the Middle East

The Middle Eastern Photovoltaic Manufacturing Experts

Khaled A’amar began his solar career with market leader Philadelphia Solar in Jordan. Back then he was involved in building production lines, creating outlines for the business, and forming procedures to ensure the continued research, design and production of photovoltaic solar systems.

The experience served him well and the timing was excellent as the oil centric Middle East was starting to think outside the box when it came to power supply for the future.

Shortly after leaving Philadelphia, Khaled took advantage of the continent’s changing cultural mind-set and became a distributor for the batteries and charge controllers required for Solar PV installations. He quickly became an expert in solar systems and Solar PV has since become the third most important renewable energy resource in the world.

Al Emadi Reports Success In A Variety Of Solar Applications

Since then Khaled has moved to Qatar and formed Al Emadi Solar. The company has a range of different successes under its belt with installations all over the Middle East. Everything from solar pumping projects which provide fresh water to under privileged areas of the community, to finding off grid or grid tie solutions for large-scale buildings and financial zones in the city.

Al Emadi offers a wide range of solar services to customers across the continent. Their expertise can power streetlights to giant stadiums, residential and commercial premises and pretty much anything else you can think of, including the region’s vital oil and gas communications equipment.

The Gulf Cooperation Council – Future Opportunities

With energy at the forefront of global discussion, it’s unsurprising that the GCC, which has been around for many years fostering the relationship between Middle Eastern states, has become involved in the solar power opportunity. We asked Al Emadi where they’re heading over the next decade and the company unreservedly expressed interest in this expanding market.

If you’re unaware, The GCC or, The Gulf Cooperation Council is an interconnection authority that has commissioned a super grid to connect the power grid between six Gulf countries. It’s primarily a bid to reduce the risk of blackouts and share energy resources across the nation. GCCIA member states are Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. This means, geographically and technically, Al Emadi Solar is perfectly aligned.

SEC’s Long History In The Middle East.

SEC is also a company with extensive history and experience in the Middle East. Our founder, the late Brian Harper, began his vision of harnessing; storing and generating solar energy efficiently back in the 70’s.
The Harper family lived in the heat and desert of the Arabian Gulf carrying out his plan to build energy efficient homes after the oil crash of 1973. The first project was building solid wood New Zealand Lockwood Villas with Solahart water heaters, Arco Solar photovoltaics and Exide batteries. The first of these was built 5kms outside the Northern Emirate in the UAE, Ras al Khaimah.

The building of these homes caught the attention of the media when SEC exhibited at the original Sharjah Souk. This resulted in several building projects that attracted even more interest in the relatively new concept of alternative energy. It was storing all this energy in batteries that brought more and more business to SEC and even led to an approach by Exide to sell their batteries in the Middle East.

SEC Solar Products

SEC’s history in this market drove us to produce a range of batteries that are perfect for extreme cycling applications like solar. They’re usually classic gel monoblocs that use pure lead tin for the positive grid and thixotropic-gelled electrolyte to improve their daily deep cycling capability.
The SEC range has become a solar industry favourite due to SEC’s leading catalyst technology; The CatVent, which allows lower float currents,  to reduce heat, gases and corrosion. We think it’s what makes the TSG and the soon to be released ETGB range both superior long life products when compared to our competitors. And, we’re pleased to report that Al Emadi, as industry leaders in the Middle East agree.

A Partnership In The Making

As you can imagine, our speciality solar battery products and Al Emadi’s solar expertise became a natural fit. Speaking about the decision to go with SEC Khaled says; “The challenge was to find a good battery supplier with European quality and Chinese prices. This is what made SEC a good choice.” Since then our partnership has continued to flourish. Heston Harper, SEC CEO says; “We’re nothing less than thrilled that Al Emadi chose to use our products and with the market changing as it is, we hope to continue a long and mutually beneficial relationship”

Renewable Energy Grids Way Of The Future

And indeed, the market for renewable energy is changing at light speed! Statistics say that in just 35 years, 57% of the world’s electricity will be drawn from renewable energy. If your business wishes to take advantage of these changes the time to act in now. There are overwhelming opportunities for SEC energy partnerships in all areas of the world. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to have a chat about how we can work together to bring the benefits of renewable energy to your operation.


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