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Airports count on SEC batteries for reliable efficiency

SEC's Lithium-Ion batteries keep airport operations running smoothly


Airports are formed by a complex chain of operations requiring energy storage for uninterrupted, reliable service. Batteries are needed for everything from mobile ground power units to floor scrubbers.


Communication is vital. So backup power sources for emergency lighting and PA systems must be kept on hand.  Airport managers depend on SEC’s standby and deep-cycle batteries to deliver consistent power and keep passengers moving.


Fierce price competition governs all transportation markets, exerting pressure to save money on every aspect of service. At the same time, safety must always be the primary concern.


Experience tells us that airport operators need long-lasting batteries with low float current for minimal charging cost. They must be of the highest quality, with low risk of thermal runaway and, they must be affordable.

SEC understands the special demands that airport services place on deep-cycle and standby batteries. We offer cutting edge Lithium-Ion, AGM, VRLA, flooded, Nic-Cad and Gel batteries with rapid recharge rates and dependable operation across an enormous temperature range.

Our MICROLYTE Lithium-Ion battery series packs maximum power into a small package using a new patented nano-technology. SEC’s Nickel Cadmium batteries use an innovative plate design for a combination of extreme reliability in harsh conditions, low-maintenance, and long life.

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