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SEC NiCad Avantgarde series

SEC NiCad Avantgarde series

The Nicad Avantgarde series features long, medium and high rate of discharge options allowing you to select the optimum solution for all industrial applications. These robust blocs single cells are built to German standards using a double perforated plate design.

The Avantgarde offers supreme capabilities across almost all temperature ranges while resisting electrical abuse, shock and vibrations. With a life cycle of 20 years plus and only a basic need for maintenance, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of this range is hard to beat. Use it for a guaranteed start in diesel engines, UPS applications, railway, power and substations. It’s also ideal for alternative energy stations, ship equipment and telecommunication.

The Avantgarde range was crafted for critical applications. It offers the longest lifetime in the market today and gives exceptional reliability against unexpected outages for industrial installations that demand continuity of power.


  • 20 year design life in float service @ 25°C
  • Excellent high power rating
  • Absolute reliability under harsh conditions
  • Suited to vibrational and high temperature environments
  • High cycling capability
  • Low preventative maintenance
  • Exceptional operating costs over time
  • No risk of thermal runaway effect
  • Low internal resistance
  • No ice formation at temperatures below 0°C
  • Insensitive to deep discharge and misuse
  • Long shelf life under correct storage conditions
  • Diminished electrolyte stratifcation and plate corrosion
  • Wide operational temperature range between -50°C to + 70°C


  • Cell sites
  • Cellular radio
  • Cycling service
  • Deep cycle
  • Energy storage
  • Engine starting
  • Grid services
  • Hybrid telecom
  • Hydro-electric
  • Industrial standby
  • Locomotive
  • Off-shore equipment
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Onboard ship equipment
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Power and substations
  • Power plant
  • Power stations
  • Process control
  • Radio base station
  • Railroad utility
  • Railway / Trains
  • Railway signalling
  • Reserve power
  • Rolling stock
  • Standby power
  • Telecommunications
  • Traction battery
  • Train lighting
  • UPS
  • Wind

NicaCell KP Avantgarde Series & NiCad KL, KM and KH Series


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